St Joseph's - Roman Catholic Parish - Port Talbot

The Presbytery, Water Street, Port Talbot, SA12 6LE, Wales
Tel. 01639 882846
Diocese of Menevia
Parish Priest: Monsignor J Cefai, MA, PhD


Third Sunday of Easter 2024 — 14 April 2024

Divine Mercy


Newman Reader

Sacred Space
The Catholic Lectionary
Times of Service

Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday Vigil Mass: 5.00pm Cwmavon (Parish); 6.00pm (Joseph Harrington (C.J.C)
Sunday: 8.30am (Joseph Abraham - Kerala), 10.00am (Anne Madden)

Monday: 11.30am, Silent Adoration Mass at 12 noon (Ian Smith - Taffurelli)
Tuesday: 10.00am Adoration, Mass 10.30am (Private Int Helen and Family – C. David
Friday: 10.00am Rosary and Mass (Denis Rees)
Next weekend
Saturday Vigil Mass: at 5.00pm Cwmavon (Parish), 6.00pm (The Power Family -Joan)
Sunday: 8.30am (P. Intention H. G.), 10.00am (Geoff, Marian, Bill & baby Leslie Grimes, Pat & Charles Waterford, Ernie, Kathleen & Phyllis Ghost, Christina Prendergast)


Denis Rees; Joseph Harrington; Anne Madden RIP.
Wednesday and Thursday
work and repairs in church.
Confirmation Class:
next Wednesday at 6.00pm. We start the final preparations.

The Resurrection
is about a new way of living, here, now.  It is about a way of entering life, this life.  Whenever a life of grief is transformed into one of hope, whenever a life without meaning is given purpose, whenever a life which is enclosed upon itself is opened out to others – there is Resurrection:  the power of Jesus’ life which is always stronger than the force of death and denial.  Whenever a life of shame is given dignity, whenever a life of fear is transfigured into courage – there is Resurrection.

Next weekend is World Day of Prayer for Vocations:
there will be a second collection for Priest Training Fund to support those in the diocese who are preparing for a life in ministry. The formation of a seminarian lasts seven years, during which the Diocese invests approx. £185,000 to support their tuition and living costs.
Youth Summer Event:
Are you in years 9-13? Do you want to spend some time getting to know other young Catholics? The Cardiff and Menevia Youth Council is offering you the opportunity for a few days away in beautiful St. David’s, Pembrokeshire, to relax, pray, talk, walk, eat and have fun together. July 24th – 28th. The cost £250 for four nights at St. David’s Bunkhouses, including coach travel and all meals.
Food for Thought:
You cannot create chaos in the lives of others and expect peace to come to yours. No matter what they did or how you feel, causing hurt  to others will never bring healing to you. Let go of your hurt and let God heal you. He left us the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Life is beautiful : this hour, this moment will never come again in the rest of your life. So avoid fights, anger, resentment and speak lovely to every person. When we spent our life judging others we have no time left to love them. How sad when we see people ignoring others; such people need our prayers to get rid of their anger; we pray for them because they have problems. One day hopefully they will regret why they treat us wrongly. Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes. Everyone is God’s masterpiece. Everyone has unique talents, everyone is important according to his own mission in life. We are the Church; the Church exists to evangelise, we are never centred on ourselves but commissioned to witness the love of God in our midst, becoming experts along our journey in the art of encounter.
Light Refreshments
in hall after the 10.00am Mass. All welcome. It is free.