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Image of Merciful Jesus

Jesus said to St Maria Faustina:

“I desire that this Image [with the signature “Jesus, I trust in You”] be venerated… throughout the world” (Diary of St Maria Faustina #47).

“The soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise victory over enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death.” (#48).

“I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of Mercy. That vessel is this Image” (#327).

"By means of this Image, I shall grant many graces to souls.” (#742).

“[The] two rays denote blood and water… These two rays issued forth from the very depth of My tender Mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross” (#299).

The pale ray stands for water, which cleanses us, and thus it denotes baptism and confession.. The red ray stands for blood, which is the life of the soul, and thus it denotes the remaining sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

The Image is a visual summary of the Divine Mercy devotion.

To venerate the Image is:

  • to trust in God (as shown in the words, “Jesus, I trust in You”) and
  • to show Mercy to our neighbour (“It is to be a reminder of the demands of My Mercy, because even the strongest faith is of no avail without works” #742).